Thursday, January 31, 2013

HURRY! PA Solar Grants Returning Briefly

SunPower Builders received some BIG news last week, and it could benefit YOU! 

The PA Sunshine Solar Program was awarded their LAST TIER of funding last week. This money will be granted on a first come first serve basis and surely won’t last long. 
Why is 2013 the year to add solar to install solar? 
Solar is as cheap to install right now as it will ever be.  
The cost of installing USA and EU made solar systems has dropped 35-65% since 2009.  Combined with the PA Sunshine state grant, 30% federal tax credit, SREC sales, and, for commercial systems, depreciation on equipment, solar electric systems can pay off in 1-5 years.    
Utility SREC procurement requirements will go up nearly 50% per year over the next several years. 
 With the introduction of proposed AEPS standards and SREC guidelines, we project PA SREC values to compete with surrounding Northeast states by increasing to over $250 each by 2015.  
What else should you know?
  • Residential PV systems are eligible for $0.75 per Watt for the first 10 kW or a total maximum of $7,500.00 from the PA Sunshine Fund.
  • Commercial PV systems are eligible for $0.75 per Watt for the first 10 kW, $0.50 per Watt for the next 90 kW from the PA Sunshine Fund.
  • Applications to the PA Sunshine Fund will be received on a first come first serve basis, regardless of whether the application is commercial or residential.
  • Federal tax credits of 30% of system cost are still available, and prices for USA made systems have dropped up to $2.00 per watt from 2 years ago.

SunPower Builders can eliminate your electric bill with a custom-designed solar energy solution, and you can earn extra income with SREC sales. SunPower Builders will design and install a solar system that blends with the architecture of your home, or your solar installation can be hidden on a barn, outbuilding or even ground mounted.  
Call us today at 610-489-1105 or email to get started on your solar project!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A client testimonial: He came back for more!

"I have now done two significant solar power installations on my property with SunPower Builders. I could not be more satisfied with the systems, and it has been a pleasure to work with Jon and his team."
-Matt Balitsaris
Solar Project #1
Solar Project #2

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Costanza: Accomplished Artist of the Delaware County

John Costanza, with an "H", that means the father of SunPower Builders' Jon Costanza, is an incredibly personable man and a skilled artist of the Delaware County. Please see the following press release regarding John Costanza's series, "Manhattan Streets", and join us in the lobby of Congregation Kol Ami on September 9th for the opening reception (details below).
John Costanza’s heart and soul were formed in New York City, New York. The eclectic environment of the streets that make up the Big Apple helped Costanza develop his artistic sense of humor. Art is everywhere you look, and there exists no greater place for system stimulation than Manhattan.
Trained in painting and ceramics at the Student League in New York, then acquired his BFA from Temple University/Tyler School for Art, Costanza stands out as one of the most accomplished artists living in Delaware County, where he resides. Self described painter, ceramicist, and sculptor; the works of Costanza are as divergent as their mediums. His sculptural side plays with abstract simple forms, yet the painter side is realistic, ethereal, and humorous. Over the many years, he has touched the lives of many artists, influencing their styles and their minds to find their balance of art and life. After receiving his MA in Education from Cheyney University, he became a professor at Moore College of Art, where he also chaired the Ceramic Department. During his tenure, he continued to focus on creating his own art, an act we all prosper from today.
Costanza made his mark on the Art World in the 1930’s. He’s showed in over 40 one person exhibitions, and 45 two person shows. Many of his works are displayed through public and corporate commissions. His artwork has been published and featured in many art magazines and books over his lifetime. His pieces have been in some of the most prestigious museums and exhibitions, and are in collections throughout the world. Even today, his daily routine still involves creating work in his studio, a converted pony barn on the premises of his home.
Easy to laugh, and make visitors comfortable, Costanza’s unique views on life comes through. His time in New York City’s hustle bustle town of business and excess, brought his attention to those who were not caught up in the everyday life of getting somewhere, but rather the ones who were in the background, participating in the world without being noticed. They are the colorful characters that make up the fabric of life in a city because they peaked Costanza's interest the most.
Costanza’s signature piece, “Craps”, for his Manhattan Streets, is a strong, colorful image of a group of men actively engaged in a dice game. One imagines an alley off the busy street, filled with a heated game of craps, with bodies pressed in because there is a lot on the line. The work resonates with color, power, noise and action.
Manhattan Streets depicts not only the street level unnoticeables that individual travelers pass right by, but also the daydreamers who sit vigil at their windows, killing time, taking in all the actions of those down below from their little seat above the world. Through their small portal, everything in life is possible. What may at first seem a lonely existence to a viewer of Costanza's Window works, usually gives way to envy. Who hasn't wanted to be a fly on the wall, listening in on conversations and actions of others? The characters portrayed get to observe life unnoticed from their perch, and yet still are able to participate and experience life vicariously through viewing.
The works in Costanza's Manhattan Streets speaks volumes about the masses of unnoticables we pass by every day. How much of life happens around us without us ever seeing it, or noticing it? It takes someone like Costanza to pull our attention away from the bright lights and hustle bustle to be in the moment and open our eyes.
John Costanza's Manhattan Streets series will be on display September 4 through October 12th, in the lobby of Congregation Kol Ami, located at 8201 School House Road, Elkins Park. The opening reception is September 9, from 2-4 pm. There will be an opportunity for the public to meet the artist, John Costanza, in person. Prints of some of his works will be available only at the opening. Costanza will personally autograph each piece purchased on the back, and personalize it.
To viewing the works during the week and obtain pricing after the opening, contact the Director of Kol Ami, Elaine Stevens: 215-635-3110.
For more information on the artist, John Costanza, please visit his website.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SunPower Builders Gets Wheels!

Ok, so we didn't "get wheels" per say.  The big news is our very first solar car-port!  Last week, Jon and the SunPower team completed the job and our happy customer, Matt, got to do exactly what he had been waiting for....put his 
"This car runs on sunshine" bumper sticker on his electric vehicle. 
Shortly following this he plugged his car into its new power source, "Beams of Golden Light", in the words of  the driver himself.  
Check out these pictures of the project, and let us know what you think! 

We're not just walking on sunshine, we're riding on it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Belated Earth Day

As a Green Building and Solar Installation Company, it would be wrong for Earth Day to go unsung by SunPower Builders.  We are on board with the usual, reduce, reuse, recycle, hug a tree; but similar to the backbone of our industry, we ask for fundamental changes and living in the (sun)light.

We have been inundated with "make everyday earth day", and "love mother earth" campaigns, what we ask is that we view things more fundamentally. We don’t all need to live for the earth, we just need to know that we need the earth to live.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to tunnel ones vision.  When you wake up tomorrow, simply entertain the thought that your existence is crazy, that so many biological pieces had to come together in exactly the right way for you to exist.  Keep sight of what is incredible.

"Show me a day when the world wasn't new"-Sister Barbara Hance

Kim Peifer
Research Assistant
SunPower Builders


Monday, April 16, 2012

Aqua Embraces Solar

Last Friday, Aqua PA's Pickering Creek East Water Treatment Plant proudly unveiled their 1.4 megawatt solar field which will power the water treatment plant.  We were very excited to see that Governor Tom Corbett attended and spoke at the ribbon cutting, lending a strong voice to the state of solar in PA. 

Aqua has also installed solar at their Ingram's Mill Plant in Chester County, they are excited about the addition of this large project.  We hope that Aqua serves as a model for progressive behavior in energy in PA and that the solar industry has the continued enthusiastic support of the Governor.  Who will be next to harness the power of the sun?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Energy Speaker Series; PA Energy Alliance

On Thursday April 5, 2012, Jon Costanza represented the solar industry on a panel of energy experts discussing the state of Energy and Sustainability.  This panel was the third and final presentation in the energy speaker series put on by the PA Energy Alliance at Montgomery County Community College . 

The panel consisted of four speakers; Jeff Norton who moderated the event and presented information from the PA Energy Alliance on Nuclear Energy; John Hanger, Former Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Former President and CEO of PennFuture; Professor Rob Kuhlman, Geology Professor, Montgomery County Community College; and Jon Costanza, SunPower Builders. 

The discussion was fairly well balanced and drew questions from the audience such as “What is the sustainable answer for energy?”  The panelists agreed that a careful combination of energy sources would be the future of energy.  One of the concerns that was brought up by a student in the audience turned attention to concern over public health issues related to fracking, and questioned the “unknown’s” of the industry. 

Another concern was of the greenhouse gas emissions of oil vs. natural gas, erupting in a minor dispute regarding several published papers on emissions comparison between natural gas and oil.  Any tension was quickly alleviated when Jon piped in with the reminder that, “We don’t have this problem with sunshine.”    This comment was followed by his explanation that still there are environmental issues with the production process of solar panels in that rare metals are needed, and our increasing imports of panels from China remove production from the scope of U.S. working conditions and environmental regulations. 

No one entertained the thought that there is a simple answer to where the future of energy is headed, but the panel more realistically opened the minds of the audience to questions to ask about energy sources here in Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world.  The earth does not know the political boundaries that we have set out, and our decisions on energy need to reflect this fact.

Photos courtesy of photographer Matt Carlin, Montgomery County Community College